Like the other HP products, HP PCs have gained immense popularity with their launch. Today, we have a number of PCs with different configuration and specifications in order to meet the diverse requirements of the consumers and business. All these PCs have been designed and developed with the high expertise, using the latest technology. This doesn’t mean that you cannot face any technical glitch in them. One such issue is blue screen error. To troubleshoot the same, you need to follow a series of steps that have been mentioned below:

  1. Reset your device

If your HP personal computer suddenly stops in the middle of boot, perform a hard reset by following these steps:

  1. Close all the applications and shut down the computer system
  2. If you cannot see the home screen to find the shutdown option, then press and hold the power button until your system turns off
  3. Disconnect the power supply to your computer system by plugging out the power cord from the main supply
  4. While the computer is turned off with the power chord disconnected, press the power button of the computer for few seconds. You might see the power light indicator flashing for a second
  5. Now, plug in the power code back and then press the power button to turn on the device
  1. Disable the auto restart to check error messages

Most of the hardware or the operating system shows the user an error message before automatically turning off the computer system or stopping the operation. This message might be cleared off if you have set the computer to automatically restart on occurrence of an error. So, disable this setting and you will be then enable to view the error message. For disabling, follow these steps:

  • When Windows (8,10) starts normally
    1. Open the start menu and search for View advanced system settings
    2. Under the Startup and Recovery in the Advanced tab, click Settings
  • Remove the check mark in front of the Automatically Restart option available under System Failure
  1. Click OK
  2. Restart your device to implement the changes
  • When Windows 10 is unable to start normally
    1. Shut down the computer system, wait for few seconds and then turn it on back
    2. Press the F11 key repeatedly to see the Windows loading screen
  • Go to the Language Section to choose the language you want to use
  1. Continue by choosing the keyboard layout screen
  2. Now, click the keyboard layout that matches your keyboard type
  3. Click Troubleshoot followed by clicking Advanced Options and the Command Prompt
  • Enter wmic reconverts set AutoReboot = False
  • Hit Enter
  1. Close the window and on the Choose an option menu, choose Continue to boot normally
  2. The operating system will restart automatically disabling the auto restart option 
  • When Windows 8 can’t start normally
  1. Follow the steps from I to V (When Windows 10 is unable to start normally)
  2. Now, choose Troubleshoot and then Startup Settings
  • If this setting option is unavailable, click Advanced options
  1. Now, click Startup Settings and then Restart
  2. Press F9 to disable auto start after an error occurs
  3. Windows will restart automatically with the new setting (disable auto restart) enabled
  • When Windows 7 starts normally
  1. Click Start, choose Properties by right-clicking over Computer
  2. Click Advanced System Settings
  • Under Startup and Recovery in the Advanced tab, click Settings
  1. Remove the tick mark in front of the Automatically restart available in System Failure Section
  2. Click OK
  3. Restart the computer system to apply changes
  • When Windows 7 cannot start normally
  1. Restart the computer and then press F8 button to open Advanced Boot Options menu
  2. Choose Disable automatic Restart on system Failure
  • Restart the device again to implement changes
  1. Search for particular error message
  2. Restore Windows to an earlier point
  3. Run hardware diagnostic test by using the HP PC hardware diagnostic

If you still face the issue, contact HP customer support and get the best resolution anytime as per your convenience. The team of technicians offering round the clock services will be happy to assist you. 

Harry Williams, the writer of this article has worked in a wide range of tech jobs from tech support to software testing for over five years. Later on, he choose to become a technical writer for sharing his vast knowledge with the readers looking out for some technical help in different products, including printers, security software, antivirus, email services and more.

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