With the rapid increase in the number of viruses affecting the digital world, the demand of the security solutions has been increased considerably. To deal with this situation, a computer user needs complete protection of the network they are using, software they are installing and data they are developing & managing. This level of security is equally important for all the companies, including retail organizations. Getting a right antivirus is a perfect solution to deal with this problem. Similarly, a user also needs to take the necessary steps for securing their network-connected printers.

Thankfully, HP has minimized this effort of the computer and printer users by providing advanced security in their range of printers. With a HP printer, you don’t need to take any additional step for the protection of your network-connected printers. HP printers provide the following:

  • Device Security

HP printers can help you defend your network with the advanced level of security embedded in them. These printers are capable of automatic detecting the attacks and protecting your device as well as network from them. In the most used HP Enterprise printers, there is a feature named HP Sure Start and run-time intrusion detection. This feature ensures the protection of the printer during startup and while performing other operations. Upon detecting any virus, it automatically shuts down and restarts the device.

After every shut down, the printer also verifies the integrity of the BIOS code and self-heals, if required. This range of HP printers also incorporates an exceptional feature, named Whitelisting to verify that only genuine HP firmware is loaded into the memory.

Its feature named HP Connection Inspector checks outgoing network connection to make sure everything operation is being performed without any infection or virus attack. It automatically triggers a self-heating reboot.On the other hand, there is one more feature named HP JetAdvantage Security Manager that automatically evaluates the security of the network the printer is connected to.

  • Data Security

The security of your data depends on the privacy of your device. For complete data security, just ensure that only the authorized users can access your device as well as the network with which the device is connected. To meet this requirement, HP Solutions has HP Universal Printer Driver and HP Access Control for PC networking printing, HP JetAdvantage Connect and HP Access Control for mobile users. These features help in the encryption of the data that is being transferred over the network. By keeping few things in mind, a user can ensure the protection of their data. These points include using Wi-Fi and network encryption protocols with the aforementioned HP solutions. Also, the administrators should apply signed certificates to network printers and MFPs.

  • Document Security

Any printed document can be stolen by unauthorized users if the recipient is not there. HP has solved this problem by embedding a plethora of authentication and pull-print (the solution with which only the authorized person can print the document only after the user authenticates at the device using identification security protocols) solutions. These solutions are:

  • HP JetAdvantage Secure Print
  • HP Access Control Secure Pull Print
  • The HP Proximity Card Reader
  • HP Print Security Governance and Compliance
  • HP Print Security Advisory Services and more

HariomBalhara, the writer of this article has worked in a wide range of tech jobs from tech support to software testing for over five years. Later on, he choose to become a technical writer for sharing his vast knowledge with the readers looking out for some technical help in different products, including HP printers, security software, antivirus, email services and more.

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